Latest Government Housing Programs

  Posted Date State Program Housing Qualification  
  Aug 12, 2012 Iowa Housing Industry 1-4 unit & Multi-family First Time Home Buyer  
  Mar 20, 2012 Wisconsin Low-Income Multi-family Homebuyers Homeowners  
  Jan 10, 2012 Virginia Affordable Housing Multi-family Renters Homeowners  
  Dec 31, 2011 New Jersey Low-Income Multi-family Homebuyers Homeowners  
  Oct 26, 2011 Ohio Affordable Housing 1-4 unit & Multi-family First Time Home Buyer  
From home loans to water and sewer projects to financing police cars and low-income housing, Housing Authorities invest billions annually into the economy. Programs fund a variety of activities through partnerships with counties, towns, cities, villages, private developers, and community-based non-profit housing organizations. These programs provide funds to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct housing, or to provide assistance to low-income home buyers and renters. Down Payment Assistance

Community redevelopment and down payment assistance programs offer affordable housing opportunities to first time home buyers, low-income and moderate-income individuals and families who wish to achieve homeownership. Housing Council's help to promote the stabilization of communities through the production and preservation of affordable housing, education, information and constructive relationships with state, local and federal officials.